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Evening Star;

The Handsome Betrayer

Radu Cel Frumos (The Handsome)
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Historically, Radu Cel Frumos was the little half brother of Vlad Dracula III. He reigned over Tara Romaneasca and died of syphilis.

Personality & basic FAQ: Haughty, sly, cunning and sweet-tongued, the youngest Dracula frowns upon the idea of superstition and holds arts in high value. He is unmoved by Vlad's Forest of the Impaled, unlike his men.

Radu is like butter: he looks powerful on the outside - majestic and self-confident. But in reality, the boy is frail, shaken by his inferiority complex and idol worship to his older brother and his affection and Stockholm Syndrome with the Sultan.

Radu knows he is rather handsome and that his beauty is an asset. He has used it (whoring himself even) in the past without caring about his pride of royal birth, just a need of survival as hostage of the Ottoman Empire. His looks aren’t the only strengths the Prince counts with. He’s exceptionally intelligent with ample domain of many languages and one of the Empire’s fiercest generals that has triumphed over the terror that his brother spread.

He is no above fighting his blood or use Vlad’s cruel methods against him.

Some historical background.

I want to add (from books and information I had from my Romanian friend, Ly) that Radu didn’t only sleep with Mehmed but also his father and (rumored) his brother, Vlad, during the period of imprisonment.

The images of the user pics are from Cantarella (Cesare Borgia).

Played by sir_hellsing.